Dr Matt to cycle over the Alps

Dr Matt to cycle over the Alps

The Community Cardiology Service’s Dr Matt Jackson is to follow in the footsteps of Hannibal and cycle over the Alps in July.

The 520-kilometre ride will take four days, starting in Geneva, Switzerland and finishing in Milan, Italy. Although Dr Matt is a keen cyclist, this is by far the biggest challenge he has ever undertaken.

He said: “I began cycling about 10 years ago as a way of keeping fit. We’ve very lucky here in East Sussex because there is fantastic cycling country here. I’m trying to do as much training as I can in preparation for my Alpine adventure. I’m lucky that we’ve got plenty of hills around here – even though the South Downs don’t have the same altitude challenges of the Alps, it’s all good practice going up and down hills.

Dr Matt is doing the ride in memory of his father who died from a Lymphoma when he was 61. He will be raising money for Bloodwise, a charity that funds research in blood cancers.

He also hopes that he will inspire others to get on their bike and improve their heart health.

“Cycling is a great way to improve your fitness and your cardiac health. Just a few kilometres a couple of times a week will make a real difference. And you don’t need to have a fancy bike, or wear lycra, but please, please do wear a helmet – it could save your life.