Why Refer?

The Community Cardiology Service model offers numerous benefits to patients, GPs and the local health economy, including:

  • Referral to The Community Cardiology Service rather than hospital outpatients means faster access and diagnosis for patients
  • Centralised referral and availability of community clinics means reduction of triage times to less than 72hrs
  • Community based clinics mean patients can be seen at a location that is convenient for them
  • Community based clinics mean patients avoid going to hospital outpatients
  • 30-60 minute appointments mean patients can fully explore treatment options and are empowered to make decisions about their care plan
  • Six week “open door” means that patients can access the service without needing another GP referral
  • Availability of specialist cardiology care in community means >20% reduction of referrals to hospital
  • More appropriate referral to hospital means improved efficiency in secondary care
  • All of the above means improved patient experience and satisfaction – 100% of patients would recommend the service to their friends and family see ‘What our Patients Say